Thinking In The Box


Coders/programmers/developers are not the only people who think inside the box. They’re not the only ones limited to constraints.

Writers too, have limits. They can’t write about too sensitive issues. They have to write stuff the target audience reads, not some obscure thing.

Marketing people who get sponsors aren’t supposed to get any small-timer. Contracts are also limited to the terms of the company and relevance of sponsorship.

Designers have to stick to branding issues. Color, shape, required text – all that limits whatever effects one can put creatively. Not to mention usability and the ability to expand, especially with website layouts – backgrounds should be able to stretch!

It is a pity then, when people assume coders are a boxed lot. Perhaps it is because no one but the coders will understand their constraints. It’s also ironic because all the constraints, except the coders, are probably set by management.

Lots of coders are creative, too. Heck, I make 3D Plugin Player Models and maps for computer games. Heck, I designed my own website. (Never mind that it hasn’t changed for a long time…) Heck, I write modified lyrics, poetry and sonnets. Heck, I write articles not revolving around computers. Heck, I play the guitar.

Sometimes I feel that a coder knows even more about the bone-crushing gravity of the situation than a code-illiterate staring at the lines and going, “Whoa, I’m feeling giddy.

That’s it for today! Till another opinionated feeling comes along, you’ll have to make do with daily I-did-this reports. 😛

0 thoughts on “Thinking In The Box

  1. Tiara Post author

    They have to write stuff the target audience reads, not some obscure thing.

    …damn. I missed another memo.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Well actually my point was not that constraints are a good or bad thing…

    I’m just saying coders aren’t the only ones finding constraints. 🙁

  3. irma Post author

    i think most limitations are set out by ourselves… we don’t HAVE to follow the limitations, but we risk not getting paid, or not being famous, or not being liked… it’s come to the point where we’re so controlled that we’re almost afraid to start writing for fear that we’d get into trouble for it… sometimes i think limitations are more destructive than anything else… =/

    and here ends a melodramatic mini-rant from the-webmistress-formerly-known-as-brickchick…

  4. irma Post author

    I know Albert dear… I just got home from writing class where I was told that I had potential, had I just let myself go every once in awhile… Kinda got me in a bit of a ranty mood and since I dont have a blog anymore, hey! I’m gonna start plaguing your comment forms!


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