I tagged along a colleague/movie reviewer and a marketing dude from Xfresh to watch this summer movie, and boy was it cool!

It was funny, witty, smart, and had no stunt too extravagant. It had top-notch action and computer graphics that don’t interfere too much to show off effects, like the pirates. The colors are also notable; pirates are dark and muddy brown, while the good guys (whom you wouldn’t root for) are in bright red and white. The heroes and heroines stand out in vibrant skin tones.

You have your bold son-of-a-pirate Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and the scheming rum-drunk ship-commandeer Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) does a Princess Amidala in this one. Not only does she look like Natalie Portman, she kicks pirate butt and is rough enough. She also played the Queen’s handmaiden in Star Wars Episode 1, so there!

Based on Disney you say? No way. Disney movies would not turn out this way, without so much gore, and the baddie would ultimately fall to his death. How much harder is it when Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) is immortal?

There is but one question left unanswered: where did the Captain get the apple at the end of the movie?

Ah well, that should be answered by my friend who has the pirated version of the Pirates and has yet to watch the second Video CD… 😉

Oh yes people, stay on for the credits! I hear that there was something there…

Going Home!

It was then too late to take the bus, so I just walked to the taxi stand at KLCC. A big-sized educated-looking Indian aunty came up to me and the following is my best recollection:

Aunty: Excuse me, what time is it?
Me: It’s 10:55 pm.
Aunty: Oh thanks. Are you Chinese?
Me: Uh… (hesitating.) Yeah…
Aunty: Oh I just needed to make sure, you know. I thought you were Malay or something.
Me: Yeah I hesitated justnow because I thought you were gonna ask me to get a taxi and talk to the driver in Chinese or something.
Aunty: Oh… you look Malay, but I wasn’t sure.
Me: Um yeah, I’m Chinese, though I can’t speak Chinese.
Aunty: I thought you were Malay because you sound Malay. What’s your name?
Me: (Apprehensive) Uh… I’m not really sure I wanna tell you, I’m just here to take a cab. Sorry.
Aunty: It’s alright thanks!

Of course, if she was some fine young thing I would not have hesitated to continue what I guess was a friendly conversation with a stranger.

I then walked over to the taxi stand only to see a big crowd, so I headed back down to KLCC. I think she asked another Chinese guy for the time, too!

0 thoughts on “Lanun!

  1. Tiara Post author

    That was an *odd* convo…

    Oh, and you found Happy Tree Family (or friends or whatever that site was), eh? I have a trio of cousins, between 7-11 years, and that was one of their fave websites. When they invited me to see it I didn’t know what to expect…but man it made me SICK.


  2. WeeHoong Post author

    Eh. Haha. Din’t know you look like malay. But heck i know you loook like someone. Someone. Hmmm…

    Maybe the aunty wants to do something else? Hmmm..

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    cl2002: I’d think Cantonese would be more practical in the streets that I roam. 😛

    WeeHoong: Don’t scare me! What could the aunty want from me?

    Yes, I have many lookalikes, Chinese and Malay.

  4. cl2002 Post author

    *first time replying in this blog*

    I heard that the movie is based on one of the fun rides in Disneyland. 🙂

    Also, shall I recommend you an on-line Mandarin tutorial? =)


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