Stairway To Heaven

I was bored again.

She’s building a stairway to heaven!

Here’s a Nokia monophonic ringtone I did while downing a teh tarik.

8a1 8c2 8e2 8a2 32#g1 32b2 32#g1 32b2 32e2
8c2 8b2 32g1 32c3 32g1 32c3 8e2 8c2 8c3
32#f1 32#f3 32#f1 32#f3 8d2 8a1 8#f3 32f1
32e3 32f1 32e3 8c2 8a1 4c2 8e2 8c2 8a1 32b1
32g1 16b1 32a1 16c2 32- 32a1 8c2 16- 8a1
32b1 32#c2 32#d2 8f2 8.e2

It’s supposed to be 80 beats per minute, but I prefer it at 160.

I absolutely love to play certain parts of the song, like the “ooh it makes me wonder” part, where I just whack the Am7 (xx2213) with total disregard to the rest of the beautifully arpeggiated song.

Bad news and criticism comes but nothing seems to bring me down today. Maybe I’m too sleepy to notice.

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