Cached 22

22 pictures, all from random times, cached somewhere, to be posted someday, only to find themselves being released as large blister packs like they were tiny die-cast cars.

Once upon a time, I used to ask these questions.

Where did you come from?

Where do you end up?

Do you end up in a field somewhere?

Small parts, part of a bigger universe?

And who, really, can figure you out?

We are the largest sentient being we know of. Who could be bigger, looking at us as ants…

…and our structures as annoying bristle?

Certainly not this guy. Who was a hard mother to light without annoying reflections.

Ever seen a green screen of death?

Oh how I miss my old hair. This was 2.5 years long then. Thanks Janice for the knotting! (It was your birthday.)

Oh how I miss the Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4.0 Macro, now relegated to the drybox for getting a bit foggy. Shot at 135mm F4.0, not perfect, but quite characteristic.

The first month of having the A100, long exposures were all the rage.

18mm, F3.5, because I had no choice. I don’t remember where my Minolta 50mm F1.4 was at that time.

This was a recent shot, but not such a recent way to pass time.

Trapped in a box, Gwen Stefani sang a long time ago.

KL Sentroid.

This is a 100% crop from the A900 and Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye. What magnification!

And this is one of the few ways you can use a circular fisheye.

This is another.

I’m getting better at the 7x7x7 – I’ve been beating my 10 minute record more often now.

And so I say, goodnight if it is time to go to bed… although this really was a morning moon with some contrast added.

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