Stereopath And Alda’s 27th

It was Stereopath down at Laundry Bar a certain 25th of February 2010. Here are Deserters!

Next up was Car Crash Hearts.

This is what happens when you stack too many effects. 😀

Alda, whose birthday was that day!

Color was weird on this one so I made it monochrome.

Naked Breed, hard-rocking.

Since I shot this in landscape orientation I had difficulty piecing it in the montage.

Cool portrait-shirted band…

Flop Poppy!

Charlotte, Broken Scar and Rashdan Harith!

Birthday boy and uncut cake.

Birthday boy cutting cake.

A long-haired me, a long-haired Clara and a short-haired grrrlrocker Rina Omar.

I’m-not-your-videotapin’-mama Mahani, me and Rina!

I could never remember her name but I recognize her by her tattoo. (Obviously, the upsized wings need some coloring to hide the tiny wings.) Oh and Avril Chan!

Rudy with a cool shirt, Bo with a cool Spongebob, and Nick with a cool shirt.

Ozzy Osbourne and dD!

Here goes, pictures, almost exactly half a year after.

Kevin, David and Cindy!

Alda: Wah you want me to drink that? It’s on fire!
Clara: Aiyo what is this lah you’re 27 already!

Clara: Come lah I help you.

The guys sang Happy Birthday again, and it was like 10 years ago since we got to Bonggol!

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