March Rock Anthems

Hey so I hear we’re in for a good show tonight!

Joshua Foong brings a mellower set.

MC Reza and his gig – Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, at Laundry Bar, a certain 11th of March 2010!

As always, the full bands come after the acoustic performers.

Ash (who I haven’t gotten to see in his other band!)

No this is not Car Crash Hearts – this is the rocking Rashdan Harith!

Yes he solos on an acoustic guitar.

This guitar lick is hot! No, literally, it is hot ouch!

Then came Benchmarx, rock and roll!

He looks like a member of The Scorpions. They’re a bunch of teachers from an international school somewhere in KL.

This guy also looks like a member of The Scorpions.

Jimmy North, also a standup comic, brings an energetic frontman persona!

Ah, how lovely them videotapin’ ladies are.

I don’t even remember what this effect was but I think it was a siren. Pretty darn cool!

This guy has killer chops and sings a bang on rendition of Bon Scott. Or was it more like Brian Johnson? I don’t remember. Heck I didn’t even realize there were two (major) vocalists in AC/DC until I looked it up today!

This video can help you can identify the difference (Brian is the grouchier sounding guy with cap; Bon has a slightly more classic rock voice.)

Jimmy raps too, in one of those old school Aerosmith crossover ways!

To keep up the high voltage rock, Pitbull Inc. was next!

Man you gotta hear Steven. One powerhouse vocalist he is!

Gotta love that weathered sunburst top look.

I don’t know why I looked, but I did.” Thank you!

Steven dude you gotta do that Queen cover you’re fantastic at! Next round yo.

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