Black-and-white Street

Welcome, dear sir, to some street photography!

You know, because the streets of Malaysia can get verrry interesting.

I go through cycles of wide to tele casual shooting. This was with the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8, not exactly a lens you want to be bringing around this part of town.

And now, for a cycle of black-and-white!

In other areas though, the Sony Alpha NEX-5 and Sony E 16mm F2.8 pancake are discreet enough for close range.

This was shot with the camera held down at the hand, with probably ISO6400 in burst mode.

Another one of those.

Up close in tight spaces.

Up close with cute faces.

Terribly cliche street shot, I know.

George always emphasized on picking the right picture.

Let’s see who remembers where this was!

All these pictures are from my archives – I tend to copy pictures into folders based on category, hence why similiar pictures get posted at the same time.

Ticket to ride.

Train of thought.

Sign of times.

Perhaps I’ll hop on the LRT again and redo this shot, focused on the rail instead, to emphasize the railing and how it’s like a train track.

Another cliche street shot.

Just you and me.

Just… he.

The only thing that is really killing my flow is that I have to bring an umbrella.

The thing that was killing my blogging flow? Weekend weddings and the drudgery of waking up at 5am and reaching the client’s place at 7am.

I appreciated your patience!

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