Moonshine: October 2010

Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, a certain 7th of October 2010 ago. I had just gotten my Sony Alpha SLT-A55, so these are practically the first shots from it!

Aiqa Halim! Dig her drawl.

Stonebay, reminding of the better days of 90’s rock.

Ojie with a more acoustic sound this round.

Interestingly, Laundry Bar renovated, with some funky art in the back!

I like how his shirt matches the background, somewhat.

Next up, green tree-hugging Ferns!

All smily and with a forgotten side of less aggressive rock.

Initially I wanted to do a heavily processed process on this series of photos but then I saw this photo and I was like hmmm maybe I won’t do it here, because of this shot.

On the similiarly melodic continent of rock there was Lightcraft.

Man I hadn’t seen these guys in ages!

Ambient was the theme.

You may or may not be able to tell which shots were from my A900 and A55 – the A55 was processed with Lightroom 3.2 while the A900 was processed with DxO Optics Pro Elite. A notable difference is how weak the reds were from Lightroom (a more puritan rendition, I’d say) compared to DxO’s subjective flurry of red. Lesson learnt from later trying to tune the reds back in Photoshop? Process them all in Lightroom until DxO supports the A55.

Reza and the soundman.

Oh and here’s a video!

Lightcraft, performing “All In My Mind”. Recorded using a Sony SLT-A55 with the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 ZA and audio is from the built-in stereo mike. Unfortunately with no audio monitor I didn’t know it was clipping the vocals so pardon that – I gotta get an external mike. AF is on, with the center AF point used.

Converted from 1080p25 to 720p24 (the overrated 24p magic number.)

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