Ah, what sweet memoirs!

All them lovely faces.

So yeah, I was down in burnin’ hot Cyberjaya, a certain 3rd of April 2010, for the “Memoirs” Photography Exhibition 2010, organized by the Film & Photography Society of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

In the judges’ room. Because, y’know, I was a judge. We were fed snacks and refreshments. Like a boss.

Spot the Paul-Tan-dot-org-or-now-Paul-dot-my lookalike!

Gotta love the effort to spruce up the rather sparse hall.

My pictures!

Random passerby!

Why hello I would like to join you in the experiment corner!

Then there was a Q&A session where I might’ve gone off tangent. A bit.

I have to thank Wai Wah for taking all the pictures of us on stage. Thanks dude! Also, congratulations on you winning a prize!

Serious smashpOp is serious. There’s also Steven Leong (of Photographic Society Malaysia).

Did you know Jason auditioned for Malaysian Idol once?

The emcees who fed us questions.

Then it was prize-giving time!

Clive, another judge, in the middle.

Caption this yourself. 😀

My first pewter! A token of appreciation.

That is one heck of a photobook, sprawling the expanses of China in medium format.

So yeah, the judges submitted 3 pictures each. The bottom-right picture is not mine.

I’m glad that some people asked me what this picture meant.

This one has deep meaning to me, but I’d only tell you in person.


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  1. Matthew Post author

    Was that guy on the wheelchair? He looks like he neither needs the wheelchair nor the crutches he’s holding…


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