Convention-AL-pha Part 4

And now, for a more processional narration of the events at the Sony Alpha Convention 2011 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center!

Darren Chang, head honcho of Alphanatics on stage for the launch event.

John Shum, head of the training division, who makes sure all you Sony Alpha users get your free education, a crash course into using your camera!

The legendary Gary Friedman, writer of many books on Sony Alpha and long time guard of the Minolta keep. Very cool guy, who was a rocket scientist. For real!

He gave a talk titled Exploit Flash and Wireless Flash, which was a more mainstream, straightforward topic.

Bazuki Muhammad spoke on Art Of Seeing, Photo Journalism. Unfortunately he admitted he wasn’t a talk-giver – he played half an hour of slides before answering questions. Each speaker’s style would wildly differ after that!

Nikt Wong‘s excellent Street Photography with NEX – that turned out to be far more enriching and enlightening. I now know how to make a street photo appear immersive!

Azrul‘s The Art Of Portraiture showed us the history and evolution of portrait photography. Undoubtedly this was one of the more popular topics, though I did enjoy the left-field talks immensely.

Bernice Chauly gave a talk on Understanding Documentary Photography. It is interesting to see how different photographers prefer to work – either they control every element in their studio, or they get out on the streets and get the picture.

Eiffel Chong, whose talk title alone (and maybe, reputation) made me sign up for his talk – Intrinsic Institutional Photography.

As it was, you could only sign up for 6 talks per person.

If you were keeping track, that was 6 talks above, so I figured I should crash the next workshop just like everyone else was doing (since some people didn’t show up, and some people didn’t think to look at their watches and realize a talk was on.)

And so, this is Mun Keat, with The Art of Wedding Photography. Again, an obvious mainstream topic that many would sign up for. Though I’d say I intentionally picked the left-field, less conventional topics to catch.

In between, they’d have shaolin monks demonstrate their art.


There would also be prizes to be given out, for people who would collect the most participation stickers (for asking questions during talks.)

Syukur strikes a pose!

More winners, including the venerable ardent winner Dr. Chan from Ipoh.

I caught the mimes talking.

A night view of a Petronas Twin Tower, with the Sony Alpha 55 and Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA!

Oh, and all pictures in this blog entry were shot with that lens.

The highest-resolving Sony Alpha sensor (16.2 megapixels in the Alpha 55) gets matched with the 135mm…

…to get this 100% crop.

Alvan, superstar.

Leong in a distant portrait.

Joseph meets the 135mm F1.8, at F1.8.

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