Convention-AL-pha Part 3

And now, for more, from the Sony Alpha Convention 2011!

You may realize that the past two posts have been full of pictures of guys with cameras.

So here’s a breather.

Oh hey it’s Red FM, and my first ever encounter with their on-ground presence!

Here’s Linora, who I have not bumped into for a fair bit! Funny how I didn’t know that there were quite a few familiar faces in Red FM.

Here are three models holding three Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA lenses! Quite rare to see, really.

Random girl who stands around and appears helpful.

Random girl who stands around and greets people.

I have to look at this picture again to wonder how the heck the 135mm did that – the statues in the background look flat. It looks like a printed wallpaper!

It almost looks like the guy behind is part of the wallpaper!

These dancers would come out at certain times. I wonder if they felt dejavu.

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