Convention-AL-pha Part 2

Now, for more from the Sony Alpha Convention 2011! Here’s George Wong, the new Head Of Department for the new Sony Alpha Business Department.

Here’s the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG on my Sony Alpha 900, giving the record widest rectilinear angle of view.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Sony 70-400mm F4-5.6G SSM on display.

We went for talks. Here’s “Nat Geo” Shaiful documenting his attendance.

There were mimes and a caricature artist. Cool! I didn’t get round to getting my caricature done, though I did get the silent treatment from those dudes.

Every now and then, the dancers would pop up and perform.

A live studio shoot, where the resulting picture would become the front cover of a local photography magazine of whose title I do not remember.

Eddie being Gary Friedman’s Voice Activated Lightstand. The effect was that of a softbox.

Din absorbed in the performance. Three layers deep!

The statues cast shadows.

We learnt about perspective to give depth to a picture from Nikt Wong‘s talk about Street Photography With NEX. Gotta have the foreground, subject, and background. Three layers deep!

Leading lines give a sense of location.

Ladies and gents escalator.

The dancers from a flash mob. It was announced in the itinerary itself!

Hold it right there… if people know about it beforehand, it isn’t a flash mob anymore!

I don’t know who shot this but it is a damn cool shot.

On Sunday, before reaching the KLCC Convention Center, I took some street photos with keeping the 3 layers and perspective in mind.

Okay, maybe nothing much here.

The heart of KL is filled with foreigners.

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  1. Ganaesh D. Post author

    Aiya, looks like I missed quite a lot there. D:

    "The heart of KL is filled with foreigners." That’s tweetable quote right there. 🙂


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