Shapes And Colors

Once in a while, I pull out a folder full of pictures I see fit a theme. Today’s theme – shapes and colors!

Orientation screws with you.

Of course, this isn’t so much in the category as much as it is a snarky street photo. 😀

What’s the opposite of overleaf?

Dependencies, chains, linked references. With the fixed railing at the very front, being the dominator object. Will the gods of memory profiling enlighten me?

The poor man’s fisheye.

Interestingly, my Peleng 8mm F3.5 M42 circular fisheye was made in Belarus – that was the hardest hit by the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Rain, slow-mo.

Rainbow umbrella, to shield oneself from rainbows.

Tall door.

Failed fireball. The bokeh is dirty on this because of the dirty rear element on my Minolta 50mm F1.4 Original.

Friday, Friday!


The Sphere. Yes the evening light was that beautiful!

Dull icky overcast light. The road goes on and on.

That way.

This particular spot in Low Yat Plaza had a high occupant turnover.

So maybe this punchy color has all been brought on by my day job – I was exposed to some brilliant photographs that definitely were not Kodaks, but were shot on film nevertheless. The greens, they were so vibrant, yet so distinct. Here I admire the distinction between the yellow paint and the yellow rope.

I have a fetish for photographing umbras and penumbras. Bokeh shadows!

Like, lots of memory.

Vignetting all natural.

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