Now, from an old series of shots featuring animals. Here’s a not-so-dead crow.

A bee. Extreme crop and minor resizing.

A cow. How did she get here? And why do cows have breasts near their back/bottom instead of at their chest?

An industrial view of the city.

‘sup dog.

105mm F22 on the A700, uncropped. I think I was using a +4 closeup filter for this.


Unfortunate bee.

Zeiss 135mm F1.8 through a Cokin split-field closeup filter, if I remember correctly.

50mm F1.4, at F1.4, cropped.

Hello there let me in!

Bug loves his stalk.

A tight crop from the A700 and Minolta 35mm F1.4 at F4.5.

Please pardon me if my pictures make you feel like stamping your feet. That was my intention. 😀

Zeiss 135mm and a minor crop.

From the same series.

Crazy bird, at Fullhouse NZX!

“Oh c’mon Maurice c’mon back here.”

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