The Secret Garden Next To Merdeka Stadium

This is a rewind, as all my posts are, to one of the most memorable Rock The World concerts. Rock The World 8.

It was the first Rock The World where I had a digital SLR, and it wasn’t as hectic as Rock The World 7 with 3 stages!

Rock The World 8 was the last one to be held in central KL – RTW9 and RTW10 were in Bukit Jalil. RTW7 was in Merdeka Stadium as depicted here (note that these pictures were taken on a street shoot, not before Rock The World!)

RTW8 was an interesting spin – instead, they had it in the Secret Garden parking lot, next to Merdeka Stadium.

In chronology:
Rock The World 1 – 1 Utama old wing parking lot
Rock The World 2 – Midvalley outdoor parking lot (now Gardens Mall)
Rock The World 3 – a parking lot near Lorong Perak and Crown Regency Serviced Suites
Rock The World 4 – KLCC outdoor parking lot (still cordoned off)
Rock The World 5 – Merdeka Stadium
Rock The World 6 – Merdeka Stadium
Rock The World 7 – Merdeka Stadium
Rock The World 8 – Secret Garden, next to Merdeka Stadium
Rock The World 9 – Bukit Jalil Stadium outdoor parking lot
Rock The World 10 – Bukit Jalil Stadium outdoor parking lot

I was there for every one except the first. 🙁

Coincidentally, Merdeka Stadium should be seeing a lot of visitors today, in the form of the Bersih Rally – good luck to all of you, and don’t let people declare what is actually legal, to be illegal (which is a shame, since some of them were lawyers making such claims!)

I took some pictures of the peaceful Bersih (1.0) procession from above:
Vote For Cleanliness!

This was the main entrance/exit. All pictures below were taken through such holes.

The entrance.

Flashback to what the entrance looked like, from the inside, after the concert was over.

The upper end of the hill, or the back of the stage.

Across the road was a forest, a green lung in the middle of the city!

I can only wonder how long such greenery will last. The surrounding area had a few schools and stadiums. When was the last time you went to Stadium Negara or Stadium Chinwoo?

Meanwhile, the weather was slightly gloomy.

So this is the famous “lookout” tower from Victoria Institute Boys School! I had heard of people watching concerts by climbing on this water tank to see concerts for free.

And then I walked to Bintang Walk. Construction is ever in progress, and I find it sad that Jalan Pudu used to be the happening place of earlier generations, but is now the retirement home of earlier generations.

Many old men can be seen wandering around, sitting and doing nothing.

Of course, right now, it is the hotbed of tear gas.

Power boxes, rusted and unlocked. Who is to prevent people from stealing and tampering? Power thieves cause us to pay a lot more.

Pudu Jail.

And yes, I am halfway processing Rock The World 10’s pictures! Sadly I am heaps busy and I’ll be in Singapore from the 11th to 14th of July 2011, so I won’t update then.

More pictures here:
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