Rock The World 10: Crowd

26th December 2010, Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, one week after my birthday, the AFF Cup Final match between Malaysia and Indonesia, and of course, the highlight of the Malaysian rock scene – Rock The World 10!

This time round, it was at the Bukit Jalil Stadium open car park.

This yearly festival brings in a mix of familiar and unfamiliar bands in the local scene. However, this post is about the people who attended…

…and the people who emcee-ed. Here’s RockeRina Omar, who is no short of a drummer herself!

Haniff‘s old day job was to give out freebies from a parked vehicle. He now does so on a giant stage, besides pimping out local music on XFM. Well, used to, anyway.

The crowd. They love my fisheye!

If you needed a shade, you could always hang out at the air-conditioned Elevate booths. She looked like she needed some sun.

Why yes, I will do exactly that!

Jin was a rock star vocalist with Vespertine so many years ago.


Alat skodeng!

Rock is best experienced with limbs extended.

A popular dance is the mosh. It gets violently fun.

Or you could hang out far away from the mosh pit…

Abang Rom, boss of ROTTW, a local magazine promoting local acts in our National Language. The magazine is fond of using fisheye shots from a distance, not exactly the best distance to be using a fisheye at…

Avril Chan, she sells T-shirts. Okay, really, she manages a few bands…

…like An Honest Mistake, which has funky purple T-shirt merchandise, which is what emcee Fadhil is decked in.

Strangely missing was emcee Harooooon, the classic Rock The World emcee we all came to love and rock out with!

Later in the night, there were Guitar Hero challenges, with the winner winning an autographed Squier Stratocaster. I could’ve won that if I went up!

Meanwhile, on the side, at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia was winning 3-0.

Even the security guards were tuned in via portable TVs! The concert video feed even pointed at the TV, so it could show the audience our victory.

More pictures to come!

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  1. Fadhil Post author

    Really nice pics dude! I especially like the second fish eye, with the guy with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L in the foreground.


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