Rock The World 10: Part 2

Rock The World 10, at Bukit Jalil Stadium open car park, last 26th December 2010! Here is Deserters with a flash of catchy rock, at the smaller Indie stage.

Azlan & The Typewriter, at the big stage (you can tell by the large screen behind them.)

Prema Yin, lady rocker with powerful vocals.

Ryan on percussions, and Moe on drums.

I brought my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye, but I prefer cropping with it.

Bass chords from Zaim, bass extraordinaire!

Then came emo band An Honest Mistake

With Darren Teh, frontman getting up and close with the headbanging crowd in the last song!

Long red hair, well suited for the expression of heavy guitar riffs.

Spot the Spiderman.

Ah, times like these I am glad I bring 2 cameras – one with a wide, the other with a telephoto.

Unfortunately, the stage manager was hassling him to come down as it was unsafe.

In case you’re wondering, that shot looks familiar because I shot a similiar shot of Emir of Throne Away jumping off a stage at Rock The World 7.

Bleeding Mascara!


Then it was Alda’s emo band…

Car Crash Hearts!

Republic Of Brickfields, reggae representatives of Malaysia, always recognizable by their frontman Aru. Unless of course you hear metal vocals, in which case it is Koffin Kanser instead.

Restraint, a hard band who drew considerable heavy fretpower when performing at the same time as moshpit favorites Dragon Red.

Pop Shuvit has been around the world, but they love Malaysia!

Dragon Red gets the main stage, so I get to do loads of performer-with-performer-in-background shots! Slyde gets all screamo and rapport (it rhymes!)

Adam takes on the tender singing bits since he is not a rapper.

Gotta dig the dragon mane.

Lab Rat, a family band who plays happier music compared to Syahrul’s other band, Love Me Butch. His wife (in picture) is one heck of a vocalist too!

Who will kill us all?

They Will Kill Us All! Gotta love their vintage guitars.

Cassandra, more hardcore!

They are sponsored by Crooz Cloth. I can proudly call my buddy Ahmad Saiful, the founder of Crooz Cloth!)

Bunkface, young new punk rockers.

Gerhana Ska Cinta, big ska band.

C’mon everybody dance!

If you want pictures of your band (I take pictures of everyone in the band, but I don’t post all of them), email me and we’ll work something out.

Worry not if you don’t see your band – there is one more set of pictures coming up after this entry. 😀

More pictures here:
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