Rock The World 10: Part 3

More from Rock The World 10, at Bukit Jalil Stadium open car park, last 26th December 2010! Here is the amazing Rithan from Deja Voodoo Spells ripping a new one in his guitar. (Hmmm, where is his Steve Vai signature model?)

Ainol brings the beats for this tight three-piece shredder band.

Mie on bass.

Rithan can play his guitar upside down, with his teeth, behind his back…

Rosevelt rocks the stage. They will also be rocking the stage before Incubus does, on the 23rd of July 2011 at the National Stadium, Malaysia!

Love Me Butch – for some reason I always take a picture of Meng posing like this.


Rithan joins them on stage.

I can’t remember who these were, some drum band.

Mellow singalong not-quite-post-rock band Seven Collar T-Shirt.

Ham is ever the guitar pedal sound effects whiz. I bet it is glowing on him.


As always they bring us the best of 90’s rock.

Joined by the uh… dustbin percussionists!

Sua Sue Good Morning! The classic veteran The Pilgrims!

Kombat who chugs the meanest metal riffs from a pink Explorer guitar!

Skip back to the Squier Stratocaster you’d win if you won Guitar Hero on stage. She is not in a band, obviously, unless she intends to play like Jimi Hendrix.

David of Disagree.

They bring us a more melodic 90’s rock!

Bittersweet pops off the British scene.

One Buck Short has got some real punk cred now with their more politically-charged songs – such that their song was even used in one of the Youtube videos promoting Bersih 2.0!

Izal always loves crowd surfing.

OAG made a return, just for Rock The World!

Radhi was in top form, doing jumping splits and spinning around, kicking the air!

Yo Emir if you’re reading, this blog entry is for you since you asked me for it. 😀

Finishing the show was none other than Jason Lo, whose record company Fat Boys Records organizes Rock The World every year.

There was also a nostalgic video flashback through the 9 Rock The Worlds before that – that was awesome!

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