In Sing, Part 1

I was in Singapore July 11th to 14th 2011, and here are shots from around town! This is the great Davis Guitar Music Center in Peninsula Shopping Complex.

This I’d never seen – a double-necked ukulele. I asked the storegirl what the difference was between the necks. I don’t think she understood that it appeared to have the same tuning (which makes it pointless.)

The rare Minolta 1x-3x F2.8 Macro zoom! It actually auto-focuses – the Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x F2.8 does not auto-focus.

McDonalds in Singapore serves a Chicken McGrill Salad. Interesting! This is the same meat from the Chicken McGrill Burger, known as the Grilled Chicken Burger in Malaysia.

A spire!

This is the St. Andrew Cathedral. Grand!

Elvis has left the building!

A busker with a twelve-string.

Most shots were with the NEX-5 with 16mm F2.8. Here’s one that is cropped.

Times like these I wish my NEX-5 had built-in GPS. I left the A55 at home.

Scotts Square.

Stayed at Movenpick Heritage Hotel, on Sentosa Island. Modern 5-star hotel. Nice!

It was always sunny, and I had the most fulfilling breakfasts there. Now I have a craving for pork bacon, croissants, cinnamon buns and sausages for breakfast!

Imbiah Station, on Sentosa Island.

The MRT is well connected, snaking under shopping malls, with exits marked alphabetically e.g. Exit E.

The walls of Dhoby Ghaut.

Far East Plaza. Most reminiscent of Malaysia, Sg. Wang Plaza to be exact, from the shops inside. Also the design is very plain and Malaysian whereas Singaporean shopping malls on average tend to have more curvy, strange designs.

Inside. I also saw the most Malays there. It made me wonder – do racists in Singapore tell Malays to go back to Malaysia?

Reserved Seating. I’m sure some creative Malaysian couples would take the bottom-left picture as a license to sit – and the bottom-right picture is that of a merman.

This is, after all, Singapore, where the mascot is a merlion. So a merman and mermaid goes.

Merlion by night.

Man, does Malaysia’s bus system have a long way to go or what?

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Dreaming artemis: LOL true that! Though, I do know of some interesting developments that are not made public yet. I am glad to represent!

    zicron: Ah, hope you had fun there!


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