Why I Love The A900’s 24 Megapixels And Color

This is my colleague Calvin. This picture is one of many reasons why I love my Sony Alpha 900, and its 24 megapixels, and the Sony color.

Click here for the full-resolution, unedited, uncompressed JPG for pixel-peeping pleasure.

Oh heck I’ll just get to the pixel-peeping with 100% crops. Notice that the skin is not one color tone. It has many different colors, beige near the ear, slight orange below the cheek, pink near the nose and a faint red on old scars.

Or we could just look at fabric. The RAW conversion should look even more detailed, but since I’m on the topic of JPGs…

A 100% crop of the forehead. Not only do you see the hair, you see the pores! And around those pores you see red, with beige skin around it.

So yeah, Sony’s fantastic color separation lets you have different color tones all so closely apart. It doesn’t smudge the colors into a flat slab of brown like Nikon does (in order to get good noise performance) and it doesn’t desaturate the reds to hide all the color detail (like Canon does).

And of course, the lens used, my favorite Zeiss – the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love The A900’s 24 Megapixels And Color

  1. kasadawai Post author

    what make these 3 manufacture produce different color seperation?

    btw CZ135 1.8 is the best lens i ever owned!!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Canon and Nikon have a different idea of what color should "look" like. Plus their sensors are different down to the Bayer filters – some sensors are more sensitive to red than others.


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