Laila Ellie!

1st July 2011: MissyCheerio, came back from Melbourne, and so we went to find her at Laila’s Lounge, Kelana Jaya Plaza.

This is KJ.

This is a performer whose name I did not catch.

This is An Honest Mistake.

Oops flub!

Tight shots with the Opteka 85mm F1.4 on the Sony Alpha NEX-5. Most stage shots were shot by Gloson, I believe, though this shot feels like mine.

I set the camera’s Creative Style to black-and-white and used the focus peaking function with the color set to red, so you can see it stand out from the black-and-white.

Sheryl Goh!

Charis Ow.

All shots were at ISO1600 with a later +1 EV in RAW processing, making it effectively ISO3200.

Not a fan of slanted shots but this one works.

Ming Han.

Ellie, me and a meandering Lionel.

Darren Teh, also red-haired.

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