Random geeking time again! Here’s the Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4.0 EX at 17mm F16 on the A900.

smashpOp and Rames behind, from left to right:
Minolta 50mm F1.7 Original, Sony 11-18mm F4.5-5.6 DT, Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4.0 EX, Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DT, Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA, Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm F2.8G.

My broken Sigma 70-210mm F4.0-5.6 “defocus uncontrolled” at 120mm F4.5 on the A900.

Suanie‘s finger becomes bokeh through my Zeiss 135mm F1.8 on the A900. 😀

Through the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG on my A900, the widest rectilinear lens there is.

Sniping through the Sony 70-400mm F4.0-5.6G SSM and a 1.5x and 2.0x teleconverter.

What 400mm looks like on the A900.

Another very compressed perspective from the same setup.

70mm F4.0. 70mm on full-frame is very handy for shots that are just too close to you.

A rare classic – the Tamron 28-105mm F2.8, on my Minolta Dynax 7.

Speaking of which, a lens adapter mishap caused my Dynax 7’s pins to short, with the plastic melting – so it was sunken. I now have to tape over the 3 left-most SSM/ADI pins in order to use 8 pin lenses (albeit, as 5-pin lenses.)

The Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 58mm F1.2 on the A200 makes out to be a very sweet 85mm-equivalent portrait lens.

The owner, through said lens at F1.2 on the A900.

The Industar 61 L/Z 50mm F2.8 M42 lens that I once had, on the A700.

This is what happens when you aren’t careful when swapping lenses. Fortunately there was a filter!

This is what was shot.

The beautiful Minolta 35mm F1.4 Original, before it had the G designation. I had to saw off the filter ring so it would loosen.

Left: Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4.0 EX, flare-ful.
Right: Sony 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 DT, amazing with flare!

Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm F2.4 MC DDR, an M42 lens, on my A700, provided great closeup capability and a natural angle of view.

Jason through the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 and A900 combo, from one floor above.

Or was it two?

I discovered a bit late that the Soligor 70-220mm F3.5 OM-mount lens that I had, could focus very, very close for a telephoto. Here it is in the hands of its buyer.

Though there is nothing like the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 EX DC Macro. Here’s Iqbal focusing on Mike.

Here’s the Minolta 70-210mm F4 “beercan” at 210mm, with a 50mm lens reversed, on the A700. This gives a magnification of 210:50 or 4.2:1x!

This image is 5.5mm wide. The A700 sensor is 23.5mm wide, so the magnification is around 23.5:5.5 or 4.2x.

Iwan’s infrared and visible light-modded Sony A200. Its infrared-blocking filter had been removed.

One good use of an Apple Power Mac wrapping – a softbox that you can fold and carry anywhere! Here it is taped to a Nikon SB-900.

I then used my Canon Powershot A520 to trigger it in SU-4 mode.

The Sigma 24mm F1.8 EX DG through the A900. Sharp and detailed wide open, I’d say!

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