Moonshine In May

27th May 2011: Moonshine, A Homemade Music Show, down at Laundry Bar!

DJ Reza! (Also the organizer.) No I kid, that is a sound engineer’s panel.

Awi Rafael, singer-songwriter with a big rock band!

A smiley shredder.

A space-staring Markiza.

What is going on?

Then it was time for the hippie-rock musings of Markiza, Peter Hassan Brown and Wong. Wong looks all shroudy.

Markiza sings songs to save the environment…

…and Peter has more activist words.

Hannah Howes from New Zealand was next.

Her voice was gentle and spacey…

…and her guitar folksy. Or at least I remember it – I don’t want to be too specific as I don’t remember, and it seems you could generally categorize them in the bigger buckets of indie, folk, blues, alternative, metal, hardcore, emo, etc.

Many, many years ago I’d carry a pen and paper and actually write these things down while writing an article for Xfresh. Do former journalists (or rather, web programmers who also write articles to get free entry to gigs) lose their impetus to write long summaries? Has Twitter and the Internet reduced the relevance of long-spanning verbiage?

Ronnie of Furniture.

Fender Jaguar gang!

It has been a long time since I’d seen this classic space/post-rock indie band!

Alang who is yet another drum slut.

Wong looks out.

Reza, Ella (Malaysia’s rock queen!) and Jeffry.

Also, there’s Moonshine this end of the month! Come check it out:

What: Moonshine, A Homemade Music Show
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
When: 9:30 PM Thursday, 29th September 2011
Who: Liyana Fizi, Zalila Lee, Rashdan Harith, Dzamira Dzafri
How Much: “Admission is free with a minimum purchase of drinks at the door.” – from its Facebook event page.

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