Moonshine, April 2011

14th April 2011: Moonshine, A Homemade Music Show, at Laundry Bar!

Here’s Asmidar who is brandishing a Kiddy-cord accordion!

I still can’t figure out what her band plays though it sounds like world music to me when you feel like you’re teleported to a hut next to a waterfall somewhere.

Reza Salleh, gig organizer who just finished a month-long tour of Japan. Wow!

Kien Lim, all by himself.

He brings some brooding folk to the stage.

Narmi, whose real name is Imran. Somehow his vocal stylings remind me of Tracy Chapman.

Closing the show – Liyana Fizi!

She (in current tense) just launched her solo album, Between The Lines.

I have to say I like this series of shots of her most, compared to previous series.

Perhaps it’s a photographer thing – when revisiting a subject you attempt to capture the essence of what you see. It frustrates me when what I’ve shot isn’t anything like what I see.

Revisiting makes me sound like a ghost. This may be fitting due to how photographers often step out of the frame, out of what is happening, and become a floating observer.

And yet, my perception of one’s image may not match what the subject sees in the mirror.

But hey, while we indulge half a post for the lovely Miss Liyana, I shall break the seriousness by saying…

eeeee batuk pun kiut! *cubit*

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