Rollin’ Launch

23rd June 2011: Rollin’ Sixers record launch party, down at La Bodega Lounge! Here’s the emcee.

Here’s Eddy, the frontman. He plays a mean blues harp.

This is Jay on bass.

Henry, the shredder, never seen without his hat with 3 sixers tucked in.

Khai, also doing guitar duty. Both Henry and him exchange rock and roll licks.

Before the gig, I shot a video of Khai just walking around, looking cool. He was not aware of this or how appropriate it was with the music.

Ian on drums. A long, long time ago, when the band was called Triple6Poser, Eddy was on drums and Khai sang. But this was ages ago.

The crowd rocks out!

Eddy harping on the harp, while Khai stands on an amp.

Blues solo (again!)

The crowd grooves to the hard rock!

Lefty versus righty.

I noticed Henry’s metal guitar slide – it was short and had a narrow radius, which was undoubtedly easier to control.

Full house.

Carolynn’s sexy back.

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