Moonshine, July 2011

Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, 14th July 2011.

Here is the hard-rocking Cats In Love!

They throw us nice crunchy warm tube distorted bluesy licks just like they did in the 60’s.

Jimmy of Tempered Mental looks on.

Then came the modern indie rocking Busco

…formerly known as Bus Company.

Darren Ashley on drums.

Guitar picks on floor.

Samuel Oh on vocals.

Jack in the back. (No he’s not part of Busco, though I am aware that my narrative style may lead you to think so.)

Then it was the Kugiran Warga…

…the backing band for Azmyl Yunor, folk rocker.

This time though, he was all electric, with scalloped frets!

When I see scalloped frets I only think of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Alas, Azmyl doesn’t do neo-classical – he does a street ditty with his blues harp.

Reza Salleh, the hard-working organizer of Malaysia’s longest-running gig series. Not sure if this is certified by the Malaysian Book Of Records – but the Malaysian Book Of Records is just a jaguh kampung compendium, isn’t it?

I love the new flourescent lights. Unfortunately they removed it a few months later.

Then came the progressive, heavy, artistic and technical metal of Tempered Mental.

Jimmy shows us a groove.

Jack belts out mind-blowing solos in between tricky riffs.

Also check out what Laundry Bar’s Official Photographer took here for a different perspective and more coverage: (with flash, and some borrowing my Opteka 85mm F1.4…)

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