Sunday Night Artista!

24th July 2011: The Artistic Series Presents: Sunday night at Artista, Tropicana City Mall! Here’s the funky fresh Zalila Lee.

Here’s the guitar-slapping, giant-chord finger style guitarist Az Samad.

Immersive music!

Az changes his guitar tuning.

It should be noted that such a framing is made out of necessity in order to fit both Az’s head and the guitar’s head in the frame, since I use prime lenses – as such I am not able to zoom in or out.

The crowd on a Sunday night.

Brahim, I think. I used to write all their names down in a Google Calendar entry but it seems to have mysteriously wiped itself out. And so as of today, I have instilled a systematic approach to detecting whether any calendar entries are missing, by putting a simple “beginning of calendar” as the earliest calendar entry.

I have waited for this day. Ray Cheong, also a finger-style guitarist, but with funk/blues leanings, in the same gig as acoustic finger-style hero Az Samad.

He also sings, often doing a little tribute to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Alda Tan, organizer of the gig, and long-time bassist in many Malaysian bands.

Azmyl Yunor, folk hero. I had no idea that he had a Wikipedia page!

They all had a little showdown jam later that night. An awesome acoustic showdown jam.

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