Rock The World 11: The Crowd

Rock The World 11, 10th December 2011, back at the perennial venue – Merdeka Stadium!

Before we cut to the bands, however, here are some pictures of the crowd!

There was a stage outside the stadium, with a smaller crowd and some indie bands.

The performances took a break for some drifting action! Yes she is a champ.

There was also a graffiti area where cars would be sprayed, as well as a Volkswagen Beetle gathering. You know, the real Bumblebee.

I got to familiarize myself with the Samyang 35mm F1.4 that I just got, at that time.

Of course, I darkened the midtones a bit, to give the car its proper black sheen.

Later at night…

Spotted on a Beetle.

In between the outdoor car park and the stadium itself was a walkway, where I saw this. I guess the spirit of Merdeka Stadium believes this, too.

On stage, TuneTalk’s Mat Tune mascot, rocking out! Very catchy tune, indeed.

It was also a lunar eclipse that night, not that anybody cared.

The world’s biggest SIM-card-shaped balloon.

Man, why do people who go on stage during Rock The World to play the Guitar Hero challenge always suck? It seems odd at a rock concert. Especially so when hipsters at Urbanscapes are a lot better at Guitar Hero (better than me, even!) By better, I mean, a gripping head-to-head challenge where we alternate between 1st and 2nd a lot in one song, and the audience is not sure who to bet on! One where both players play Hard difficulty, but in fact play Expert casually at home!

Of course, that is emcee Fadhil on stage – very odd that this iteration didn’t have classic emcee Harooooon!

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