11th December 2011: EPIConcert, at The Stage, Publika Square, Solaris Dutamas. A throwback to the 90’s, with proceeds going to EPIC Homes – an outreach program to build homes for the Orang Asli.

Queenz Cheng, from Perlis.

You think you’re otai? Well these guys are more otai than you! (Otai = old-timer.)

I wonder where they usually play.

I then headed upstairs for lunch at The Red Beanbag.

I fell in love with the place and their burgers, and later their Fowl Luck meal.

The place is modelled after an Australian coffee house, complete with quirky name and decor.

It also probably keeps the spirit of The Pink Sage (that was also in Solaris Dutamas but had closed down), in that it had good coffee and lots of chicks would hang out there.

Meanwhile, as I had bought a ticket, I got a box of 90’s paraphrenalia.

Inside were classic snacks.

Long time no see Shervin!

Yi Ching shows us how to walk the dog.

Ewin Ee and I camwhore.

Thanks Ewin for taking this picture! Shot with the Sony Alpha 900 with the Samyang 35mm F1.4 UMC at F1.4.

Weiyein Leong and (then future) husband.

Josh Lim doing his thing.

Bubble blowing competition!

Stack them up.


Sam Wong on stage.

Narmi, acoustic soulster.

The crowd dances along. I don’t remember to who.

Big-eyed Yi Ching.

Audrey Tan and sister.

Lainey Ying and Celeste Goh in the back.

A 90’s Baywatch run contest.

The sun was setting, for some cool hair light.

Yep, lovely hair light.

Leonard Chua of An Honest Mistake, on the left.

And then, it was Paperplane Pursuit on stage! Gotta love their band shirt (not pictured here.)

Darren Ashley plays bass for them and sings backup vocals.

Extreme closeup of the goggles.

Then, it was time for Darren Ashley and his band!

This electro-pop genius brings on the crowd.

He has quirky sounds and irresistably dancy grooves. I can’t explain it well. Click here to understand.


It makes grown emcees cry.

The final act of the evening – Busco!

Sam Oh! Spot the projected square pixels.

Later on that night.

Thanks to Waifon for taking this picture!

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