This Is A Call, To The Bee!

14th December 2011 brought many firsts – the first gig I would photograph at The Bee, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, for example.

Reza Salleh of Moonshine Productions, announcing this gig – This Is A Call!

First up was the fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad.

For those not in the know, Az entrances where his fingers dance all over the fretboard, often with percussive knocks to the guitar to make rhythm in the absence of a typical rhythm instrument.

The Sony Alpha 77 with the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 gets a real tight crop.

Yin, his lady friend. The tripod legs aren’t offloading the best chi, though!

And then, a shot with the Samyang 35mm F1.4 UMC on the Sony Alpha 900. It’s a tried and tested classic focal length – just a smidge of wideness to give some context to your subject. Now I’d tell you that this is the classic focal length of point-and-shoot cameras and cameras on phones, but that is no longer true – newer models got wider, anywhere between 24mm and 33mm.

Next up, was Diandra Arjunaidi. Dang, she looks so different!

Last I saw her she was still sporting her signature red hair (okay, technically Hayley Williams’ signature, but her Paramore fandomship is no secret, having done a cover). Click here for previous Moonshine gigs she performed at:
Moonshine 11-2
Moonshine Turns 4!

She also had a full band.

It really escapes me how having a fringe or losing it makes a big difference in facial geometry.

Pardon my extra verbiage this time around – the words will look smaller, as an illusion, because my pictures are bigger. I hereby debut pictures that are 960 pixels wide in either dimension! The previous standard was the Facebook Standard, at 720 pixels. (And before that, 600 pixels, 400 pixels and 200 pixels.) Why not 1000 pixels? 1000 pixels in 3:2 would give an unevenly divided 1000×666.66 pixels. Plus, 960×640 pixels is just the resolution of the iPhone 4/4S, for those who want to set any of these pictures as your wallpaper. My Asus Padfone’s screen is 960×540 pixels. 640 pixels is a good number.

I have to say, I am digging her new look. She looks all serious woman, in a hot way. Plus I just realized she has a really nice nose!

Break seriousness.

Godin makes interesting-looking guitars.

Next up – Liyana Fizi.

I like how much space I get on the side of the stage to use a telephoto.

There is this thing about Liyana, her unassuming lyrics, the gentle, carefree voice, that just endears to many. Her music (and I assume likeness) has been described to be akin to cupcakes and pastel colors and that soft crumbly cake whose name escapes me.

Now I am fuzzily misquoting from memory, but I reckon, no worse than a Malaysian newspaper – I have been misquoted, misnamed, and wrongly aged by two major newspapers at least a decade ago.

Eee nak cubit!

Her fun band.

I also like how I can shoot directly in front (granted, with some perspective correction) with a telephoto lens, for this kind of perspective.

The last act of the night was Aizat Amdan, often suffixed with “AF5”, because he was a participant of Akademi Fantasia Season 5.

Reza recounts how a cabbie once mistook him for Aizat. I could see a glimmer of why.

Another 35mm shot. Makes me realize I need to bring it out more!

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