Bad Fortnight

Depression? Bad day? But of course. Bad fortnight perhaps. Maybe it’s the haunting Metallica – One video. Anyway, here’s something for you bored people. It’s got loads of links to my old blog posts, so have fun reading those too!

First off, my financial status was shaky as heck. I was given RM1000 to get something from town. Then I helped a colleague to upgrade her computer. As she had to rush off for a movie, she gave me quite a bit for my agreed dinner. And so I scuttled off to Nando’s for an expensive lush tongue treat.

Little did I know that that would be the last day of such monetary bliss.

Friday. I went down again to get my ATI Radeon 9600Pro. I went to the ATM at the office but it was down, so I only withdrew at the place itself. Little did I know that Human Resources would screw up! I was then RM150 short of a video card. I called up a debtor. He couldn’t make it, but would transfer RM150 (he owed me RM100.) After a call to my bank I got my account number and recited it to him. Luckily he called back to confirm or the last digit would be wrong.

I ran up, with no time to make a better decision. It was 8:30PM and shops were all closing. I asked for the Powercolor Radeon 9600Pro. Fast. From a shop that had unfriendly snobby workers, but heck. It was cheaper.

I didn’t mind owing him RM50, I knew that the next day, I’d get RM350. Yes, I was selling my “PCI mode” MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB 4x to another colleague. He was selling his GeForce2 MX 440 to my first colleague mentioned earlier. (That also explains why I was in a hurry to get the video card…)

Saturday. I was on duty at the AXN Anime Fest, taking care of the Xfresh booth.

Now the problem was that he couldn’t get the RM350. There was no ATM in that large shopping complex that supported it! My female colleague didn’t come, and I had to lug her Geforce 2 in my bag. Not that it was heavy, just that I was afraid of it being squashed.

Oh, and I paid my long time debt of RM75 for a prom ticket. When I went, they gave free door gifts including a RM15 A Cut Above voucher. Since I had never had a haircut costing more than RM10, I decided to give it a try. It was RM38 for a cut by a junior hairstylist, and RM65 for a senior hairstylist. Whoa. RM13 would be okay. Of course, the manager politely explained that the junior hairstylist was on promotion (usually RM50) so my voucher was only applicable for the senior dudes.

Somehow, it got to why I wanted a haircut, and I got to speak to a consultant.

A guy with an unneccessarily funky haircut (read: spiky and dyed and not my area…) appeared. I explained that I didn’t just wanna go to an Indian barber who would shrink my hair and make me look like a boy again. He explained that I’d have to keep my sideburns, however irritating they were, while the top could be lightened. (That would get rid of my fringe stabbing my eyes when the wind blows.)

It was in the growing stage, he said.

Come back in a month or two, he said. Save money, he said.

Wow. Nice guy. That was the cheapest haircut I ever got. I went home, told my mom the story, and she trimmed off just a bit off the fringe.

Sunday. My dad dropped me off at Bandaraya STAR LRT, and I switched over at Masjid Jamek to get to KL Sentral. I missed the Express Rail Link by 4 minutes (the next train would be 10:30am.) When I got out at Putrajaya station, I walked towards the escalator. It wasn’t moving. Yessir, it was that deserted. I don’t know why, but I absent-mindedly walked there anyway. It woke up! There were sensors nearby. It started going up. Cool!

All that was spoiled when I asked where the toilet was. There wasn’t one. Thank goodness for a nearby construction site with lots of tiny hills.

My colleagues then picked me up to head for the Botanical Garden there. We were supposed to do a crossing, where we give out free stuff in the name of promotion. I came a bit too late, and we headed off for lunch.

Souq was a fancy-looking place. For a while I thought we were going to eat in a mosque! Souq had the works. Nando’s. San Francisco Coffee. All on a long C-shaped food court. As I had not much money left, I headed to the ATM, a Bank Islam one. Fortunately it supported my card (as it supported the cross-banking MEPS standard) and I took out my last RM30. It also took the liberty of taxing me. I now have no balance. It was not supposed to take the 3-bucks-and-how-many-cents off, just one ringgit, as far as I knew…

We then headed over to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail for our next cross at the park. By then, I had a headache from the basking in the sun. Thank goodness for free Twiggies, then.

Monday. Yet another bummer. I finally got to check my results online. Who cares what I passed? I failed my Advanced Java Programming and my Interactive Multimedia Project. For the former I had to refer (take the exam again) and the latter, reunit (take the semester again). Argh the irony! I had to fail on my last semester, thus extending my stay! No more winging it I suppose. 🙁

It was expected (the Multimedia one) though I did tell myself not to stop after going this far. I wouldn’t wanna go through the shtload that is Macromedia Shockwave Director 8.5.

Tuesday. Hopefully, go to college, sort things out, get appeal forms (appealing costs a lot!) and hopefully get a convenient timetable. I’d then collect money in the afternoon. Not much, but it would give me some security. I’d then head over to the two-day-old Berjaya Times Square and do a walkabout.

Wish me good luck, and that I may be a graduate in Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies with Majors in Business and Mutlimedia.

Oh, here’s a new quote!
“Heat me up so I can fit another mould.”

10 thoughts on “Bad Fortnight

  1. ZebbyJay Post author

    Poor leopard-without-cash. Y’know, you could always offer your so-sexy body for cash. I know loadsa ppl who’d give their right arms or hooves for some of that. *Grin*

    G’luck in being a graduate in Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies with Majors in Business and Multimedia.
    Phew. That’s a mouthful.

  2. the fudger Post author

    Oh dude… you gave me three quarters of a hundred dollars… even when you needed the money??? You chivalrous knight, you! You could have just explained… and I would have understood… But NO! You are far too brave, and you’d rather sacrifice your financial situation than risk burdening my conscience! You are definitely too good to be true.

  3. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    Dude. i never knew your ‘luck’ was thattt bad when you told me it was bad. All the best, future graduate in asjdhaiusdkajsbdkajhsdajh and mutlimedia…wait…whattt? MUTLIMEDIA?

  4. Dark One aka Silent One Post author

    Oh bro, im so sorry. But none of the ATMS at that stewpit MV supports my card!!! Don’t worry, I’ll let you be rich again this friday!

    And yse, I’m the one who bought his G4 Ti :p

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