Old Laundry

22nd November 2011 was when I was at Laundry Bar. Here’s Seconds To Collide.

I had with me the Sony A900 with a flash, and the Samyang 35mm F1.4 and Opteka 85mm F1.4 (in essence, a Samyang rebranded.)

Both these lenses are manual focus so pardon any misfocusing!

Ryota Katayama, vocalist of this emo band. His voice is well-suited to this genre!

Then came the young energy of An Honest Mistake!

Darren Teh always is a joy to photograph, with his metal locks.

Sheryl Goh on vocals.

Joanne Kay and Avril Chan watch on. Note the adjustable weight!

Pay close attention to Darren’s riffing – he’s got some killer rhythm! There’s a thing he does in between bars.

Guest vocalist/screamer.

The (then) new drummer.

Metal locks, again.

The next band is fully metal, despite the teddy bear hanging on Adam’s pocket.

Dragon Red!

Slow shutter speeds express motion well.

They invited Alda Tan (rest in peace) to play bass for them. Alda played bass for them for a while many years ago.

You can see a bit of his bass tone here.

Adam is one of my favorite screamer/crooner vocalists.

He even brings his own mike, a signature.

Camero (Kamarul) was on vocals and screams while Alda played.

It was soon discovered that he, too, could scream!

Amil, the guitarist, sported a Santa hat out of nowhere.

Red Ruby Avengers, with alternative rock.

A side effect of slow shutter with flash is that some items may appear to be partially transparent, like the drum cymbals.

Here’s a bit of Silverchair.

Outside, Eddy shows me his latest tattoo – two pairs of glasses.

Ending the night was Wanted Symphony.

They played symphonic metal.

Thus, a keyboardist is a necessity.

Sometimes you miss focus with a non-Live View camera. Still, I like this shot despite none of it being in focus.

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