January Feedback, 2012

10th January 2012, Feedback Open Mic at The Bee, Publika. Here’s Reza Salleh, through the only lens I brought that night, the Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM, on the Sony A77. Not tight enough, and this is already a crop. Still, I hope this helps represent the ambience and sense of scale!

Joe Loy soundchecking, I think.

Didn’t catch their names.

Ferns, the soft-spoken almost-rock band.

One thing cool about The Bee, Publika, is how it’s so suited to working, if you must.

Darren Ashley, insane electropop genius, on the stage, and Joni, his sister, on the camera, recording a video.

Joni shows me her pre-processing technique – color filters! (As opposed to post-processing, adding color effects after recording.)

Mordo Blasters, a young band with an old-school rock sound.

Sarah, I think.

Hameer Zawawi and his melancholic, haunting tunes.

Rendra Zawawi gets on stage, and brings his brother Hameer up again. This is also why I didn’t crop the other pictures much although I could, because I had a bit of misfocus in them!

He then brings his sister up.

A close look at Darren Ashley’s electropop machinery. These are 2 Korg Kaoss Pads – one for effects, the other for looping.

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