The Bee Girl

15th January 2012: The Bathroom Girl, at The Bee, Publika. It was also a singer-songwriter night, with Reza Salleh (left) and Rendra Zawawi.

Reza is the perennial organizer of gigs, a hardworking man with hardworking chords and melodies.

Cherry Lee is her real name, and she sings in the bathroom on her Youtube channel.

Rendra brings a gritty melancholia to the singer-songwriter scene.

In true singer-songwriter round fashion, they take turns to play.

As they are all on stage at the same time, they may sometimes be accompanied by the other, usually idle performers, in vocal or instrumental harmony.

Rendra brings quite a refreshing sound, I’d say!

The first set ended, and it so happened that Peter and Markiza Brown would play during the intermission!

Markiza Brown hops on stage to play songs of peace and to save the environment.

Peter Hassan Brown, one of the key figures in the singer-songwriter scene, often credited for having open mike and singer-songwriter sessions back in the day. Many a gig organizer would have gone for that, inspired, and went on to do their own.

He and his wife bring classic folk and authentic hippie power.

All shots except the first, with the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 on the Sony A77. The first was with the Opteka 85mm F1.4, hence the less compressed perspective.

Strange, as just yesterday I was telling somebody how the 135mm on APS-C was too tight, but I seemed to have found comfortable framing with this. Of course, it helps that there was much room to maneuver at The Bee!

Rendra and his brother Hameer have a penchant for performing with beanies.

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