PAWS For Animals

Moonshine presents Hey! Be Nice To Animals! A Fundraiser for PAWS, 19th February 2012, at No Black Tie. Here’s Reza Salleh introducing the Rashdan Harith.

Darren Ashley does a solo set with just his voice and two Kaoss Pads, one to loop his voice, the other to make effects with it. I left the color in this picture intentionally to highlight his red hair.

Narmi with Remy J on the right, accompanying him on flowery un-punk music.

Reza Salleh went to Japan and all he got was a bunch of crazy, insanely talented Japanese musicians with cartoonish ferver.

Zalila Lee is tickled.

Froya, upcoming catchy melodies.

Liyana Fizi, with the late Izaad Amir of the Godin Guitarists Alliance. Narmi and Remy J have played with him as well, but not all bringing the Godins at the same time – a pity!

He also played for Asmidar.

This band does some amazing, out-of-this-world world music. I think.

Pantoum Trio is two-thirds bows and strings.

The Impatient Sisters.

Default pose.

Pete Teo and his vocal vibrato. He was joined by Melina William for a bit.

Tama from Korea, with a gritty working-class voice.

Japanese bassist in tow.

This Japanese drummer was crazy!

Then came Velvet Peach Tones from Japan, difference being the guitarist.

John Thomas Trio.

Vocoder, major funkiness!

Bassment Syndicate also has a month’s worth of funk.

The stairway where people would sit when No Black Tie is fully occupied.

Tempered Mental, awesome progressive alternative rock band. Cool T-shirt!

Cool guitar, too!

All pictures with the Sony A77 and Opteka 85mm F1.4.

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