Twin Towers @Live 2012

23rd March 2012: Twin Towers @Live 2012 at Petronas Twin Towers.

Here’s Korean girl group Girls’ Generation/So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD).

I’m not going to bother labelling them, because I am not a fan of Korean music, and I can’t tell them apart.

Fans strewed out into the main road from the outdoor area with the fountain where the event was held, on the other side, away from KLCC Park.

James Baum, local hip hop artiste, was next.

His crew.

Reshmonu, a much more worldly musician.

Here’s Bo!

Jojo Struys, emcee of the night.

Nicole Scherzinger!

She brought her ensemble, not in any the Pussycat Dolls which she was a part of.

I managed to get in to the area before the photographers’ pit. I don’t remember how.

That, and the Sony Alpha 77 with the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8, got me real tight shots. Add that 24 megapixels allows for plenty of cropping.

It does occasionally make it hard to get group shots like these…

…but moving about gives you that leeway.

I’d consider myself lucky this time, as I’d otherwise not get in to the same area the next day.


24th March 2012: Day 2, with Faizal Tahir.

A remote-controlled blimp hovers above the crowd.

I don’t remember what this on-stage competition was about.


I thought I heard Orianthi say that she left her slide at the dressing room but she can get by with a rabbit. Geez now I’m thinking of the suitable form factor of a guitar slide.

She came to fame as Michael Jackson’s guitarist for his upcoming tour, but he died so that didn’t happen.

Nevertheless, she is a shredder in her own right, down to the floor.

EVH 5150 in the back!

So here’s where the 24 megapixels were stretched to its limit, cropping tightly. Also one of the rare shots where her eyes are actually visible under all that mascara!

Another on-stage competition.

She won, I think.

Fireworks ensued.

DJ Nadine Ann Thomas! For when being Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 is just another item on a bucket list.

Kelis! I was looking forward to her, really. I enjoyed her fourth album, Kelis Was Here, but I don’t think she played anything from that album – instead it was a lot of trip hop/electro. I don’t remember if she even performed Milkshake or not!

Her awesome bendy glowstick microphone stand.

The night ended with DJ Nikki.

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