Earth Hour 2012, Pray For Alda

31st March 2012: Earth Hour 2012, at Publika. Here’s The Metaphor!

The police wanted in on the hipster action with the bicycles.

The police were proudly part of the Eco Riders. Nice to see them being part of this, and it would be nice to invite them more to this side of town (when they’d more likely be invited for government-related functions.)

Qings & Kueens made a comeback, without a bassist.

I didn’t catch this band’s name (or its performance) but check out that fanned-fret bass!

Seconds To Collide, who bear some Saosin-ity.

Ryota Katayama on vocals.

I don’t know what was going on here.

Malaysia Ukulele Group.

Pfft, I had one since 4th September 2004, way before all you hipsters. I was a proto-hipster. Credits go to Dustyhawk for the picture-taking.

Darren Ashley, in full band mode!

He played his electro pop out of a shopping trolley. “Hey man check out this I just bought this down at the BIG Supermarket…”

Random audience shot. I am always a sucker for hair light.

Likewise. Whenever I see a professorly German-looking guy I expect him to have played in a UFO cover band in a past life. Granted, UFO isn’t exactly German, but you get the idea better than if I was to say early Uli-Roth-time Scorpions.

Random snipe of Megan Tan and Hansen Lee walking past.

An Honest Mistake, a high-energy band. I always miss their rock kangkang synchronized guitar breakdown.

Luna strikes See “Moon” Mun. They brought me to the next place…

Ecoba, for the Pray For Alda Evan Tan Fundraiser Gig! Here’s Cats In Love, classic rock outfit with the venerable N. Rama Lohan.

Jin Hackman and Coex.

Coex does some mean multi-layered beatboxing! 4 layers!

I like the audience they bring.

Kirstie & Cass3y, I think? They did some R&B duet, among other things.

Roland PK-5 Dynamic MIDI Pedal. Don’t know whose this was or whether I heard it in play.


They did a more acoustic, stripped down version of themselves.

Themselves, normally being good ol’ anthemic rock, none of that emo nonsense.

The organizing committee.

Alternate pose.

Freeloaders Inc.

Another good throwback to 90’s rock.

Don’t know why people keep thinking I’ll put their faces in the newspaper or some magazine. But yeah.

Gotta dig the violin bass!

Red Ruby Avengers.

Rendra Zawawi, backed by his brother Hameer Zawawi (far right) and David (back).

Nick Davis brings a modern sound.

I don’t know if this was Zul.

The poster.

This follows my tribute to Alda, here:
What Do These Bands Have In Common?

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