Moonshine: A Fundraiser for Alda Tan

19th April 2012: Moonshine: A Fundraiser for Alda Tan at The Bee, Publika. Here’s Joe Loy!

Rashdan Harith…

…of the Rashdan Harith Band.

Gig organizer Reza Salleh.


Ling joins her on stage.

Rendra Zawawi with haunting tunes.

Azmyl Yunor, ever entertaining blues/folk rocker.

The explosive Oh Chentaku.

This was before the guitars started flying everywhere.

Paolo Delfino. Yes, I am immensely drawn to his very shiny Floyd Rose.

U-Djinn on bass.

Froya, like frozen yogurt and just as delectable.

Michelle on keys.

Az Samad with fingerstyle guitar.

Joachim Sebastian goes electric…

…for the personable Halfway Kings.

Diplomats Of Drum.

They bring the bhangra to town…

…and get the crowd bhangra-ing together!

Mordo Blasters, good ol’ rock.

Sound engineer’s guide to the galaxy.

Emma from Paid In Fiction…

…singing along with alternative rockers Auburn.

All shots with the Sony Alpha 77, Sony Alpha 900, Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 and Samyang 35mm F1.4 UMC. The perspective alone should give a indication which was shot with what.

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