What Is This About?

Here’s a brief intro to my blog, my style (which is very different from other blogs). This is so you know what to expect.

1) No life story. I won’t tell you what happened to me, what route the bus took (it’s all the same, you see?), how much gold I earned from exploring my nasal tunnels, and so on. No live commentary. Work is interesting, but I won’t make you share the pain.

2) Loads of philosophy, technical theories and generally wondering about the world and its occupants. A lot of it. I like to think. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t. They’re just too lazy. This is also why I make little or no sense to them. I am simplifying my English so you, the reader, can get this point! :/

3) I won’t come to the point when I only update to say I’ve added more pages, but this won’t be the only page that gets updated. I don’t intend this to be a portfolio, but I don’t intend it to be one-page blog either. (Sounds like a One-Hit Wonder, eh?) I can be more than that! 🙂

4) Identity protection. I will try my very best not to squeal on you. ;P Of course, I will incriminate (accidentally, even) people, describing too much of the situation that the culprits will know who they are, even if I don’t say who. If you’re really nice, I’ll put your name in. =] Otherwise, you’ll get a scathing essay. >:[

5) No excessive pictures. I’m not a cam girl (I’m not even a girl, you lecherous brain-between-legs surfer!) Maybe some pictures to prove the point. This will be mostly readable stuff. I might throw in superlatives and sexual terms to cultivate interest (and to wake you), but there won’t be any really gross references or profanities. I’m all for the proper usage of profanities (which is, only when necessary). 0:)

6) If you have read this far, you’d have concluded what everyone else has – that I am a computer nerd. You’re smart that way. I sometimes have writing spurts, wherein my language suddenly becomes comprehensible, lively, and easy to understand! Watch out for those moments! They’re good!

7) Linkage and pimpage? Not much. I wouldn’t even link to my boss’ site! It’s up to my lazy self to link, anyway. Don’t expect pimpage from me; I couldn’t imagine typing the same URL again and again just because you’re my friend today, tomorrow, and the day after that!

Oh dear. I was too particular. After writing the guidelines, which trap me in a corner, I don’t know what I can say anymore. Sad, huh?

0 thoughts on “What Is This About?

  1. evan Post author

    different ppl, different thoughts.
    “so-called cool” ppl thinks like “always dissing ppl part”.
    in the end computer nerds make the most money. 😛


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