Why Blog?

Here’s a little question-and-answer session between Albert, the webmaster, and Albert, the skeptical surfer. Don’t look down on our schizophrenia!

Why blog?
Simple. To release stress. It’s therapheutic. I tend to keep things, especially bad things, to myself. I don’t express my emotions out loud, or at least not in real life. The Internet is the best tap. Perceived anonymity.

Why tell all your personal secrets?
Is it not obvious that I am not scared of being stalked? I’ve always been honest on the Internet. Sure, everybody else is lying, hiding behind an online persona. That’s too hard for me to do consciously. Anyway, I figure, why write into a diary beautifully with words and poetry?

Why take the effort? It’s not like your parents will sneak into your room and flip through your diary, admiring the prose and verbosity of their Shakespearian child.

You don’t show off your diary to friends. With blogs however, you can. Once it’s online, it’s public. It’s too late. I tend to do that with emails, too! When I can’t figure out how to improve on it, I just hit Send!

Don’t you have a life?
“First, you must define what the meaning of life is.” Seriously, I don’t. I don’t have a social life, at least. I write when I feel bad or disturbed about something. At least people can read and comment. Every surfer is my psychiatrist! Great huh? I’m just lying here on the couch. 😉

Aren’t they psychos out there?
Well, if they bother to read about my problems, and they bother to reply, they’ve got at least one brain cell more! Besides, I can’t pay to see the shrink… =( Even more besides – I’m more psychotic than them!

There you have it – my reasons for blogging. You can’t stop me! Muahahahaha!

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