Indulge In Happiness

I feel secure. I’m not broke any more!

I hopped by college after the shortest fever ever (2 days on an overdose of 2 pills 4 times one fine day) only to find a lone collegemate and a holiday. Freedom! I headed down to the ATM for my bundle of joy. The numbers would make my fingers rub my eyes again and again.

The day was still young, and I decided to head to Bintang Walk again. Window shopping and all would not feel so painful. Taxi! Taxis would be cheaper than taking the monorail and LRT there. Really. I’d have walked otherwise.

I walked into Bentley. Shaun wasn’t there so I didn’t get to watch him do his speedy licks under the pretense of showing off how good a guitar was to a potential customer. Neither was the yummy lickable butterscotch Ibanez Gio I wanted to get. Then again, I hadn’t the full amount to get it just yet. 🙁

A quick ring to Shaz my conveniently-so lepak buddy revealed that he was heading towards my area. He was there to meet his cousins at Ezone for some cybercafe action. It had been a while for me too, so I figured, why not?

We bummed around in the cybercafe lounge for about half an hour, catching up on the grandfather story and half. He got a call from his cousin, who so conveniently was in Ezone… in Midvalley Megamall. Saved money that was!

I used the Starbucks voucher, and we had that jelly frappucino drink. Or was it jelly with icing on top? It got pretty irritating trying to not finish with just jelly. Thankfully this time they gave the correct straw, with the spoon end like on 7 Eleven Slurpees.

There wasn’t much crowd to watch, and the Berjaya Times Square Starbucks wasn’t packed with lookers. Alas! Isis, if you read this, the legend is not true!

My sentences are coming out funny. Maybe it’s the absurdly unnecessary happiness. Maybe it’s caffeine. Maybe it’s time for me to don the purple costume. Ho ho ho!

Oh yes. Learn the ways of the lazybum’s smiley!


I haven’t used it in quite a while. It’s the equal sign, the close square bracket sign, and the Enter key.

Yes, that’s right. Press the equal key, then slide it down and to the right till you reach the Enter key. Try it!


Look at the little happy faces! It’s therapy for you! All in one graceful slide of the finger! I prefer using my right middle finger, though you can try using any other.

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