Rolling With The Times

It was holiday bonanza at Berjaya Times Square‘s Cosmo World Theme Park. I hopped in line, happy to have RM10 off the usual RM30. One of the gang stayed behind, walking stick in hand.

Note: As I have never rode a rollercoaster before, I shall warn you that I will give my account of the rides very excitedly and positively.

Six of us (Ayman, Jerry, Calvin, Brian, Brian’s friend and I) queued up for the rollercoaster. I went through the technicalities of it with the physics expert Ayman. Well, we didn’t sign a consent form, so we could still sue. 🙂

It started off slow, and I just shouted some nonsense for the fun of it. It wasn’t as scary as expected… the force was stronger, and the air crashing into my face was more apparent.

It could only be scary when the rollercoaster went through two railings, rolling sideways. (From standing below, you could see the support beams vibrating!)

Even the loop wasn’t so bad, since our heads were thrown forward to stare at our shoes. At most times I leaned on the bracing padded thingy so my head wasn’t bouncing about.

Verdict? Jerry said: “My Honda can go faster than this.”

I walked out straight, without any swagger. 🙂


We went on the magic carpet clone. This was a bit scarier since the thing would hold you upside down… and you would slide in your seat a bit. It seemed to go on forever too! I saw a poor fellow lose a 20 sen coin. It fell down oh so gracefully, apparently in slow motion.

At this point the young ones (well, 15 years old) were feeling headaches.

There was the DNA Mixer. This one looked very promising. Two rows of seats would be doing backward rolls and forward rolls real quick. I felt my stomach go up and down during the spins, but that was it… I couldn’t remember what the ride was about after that. 🙁

Then came the kid’s play turning thingy. I wouldn’t know how to describe it, but it was a counter-clockwise movement in a clockwise-moving set of arms attached to a huge pole that extended almost to the balcony. It wasn’t so fun as I wasn’t afraid of those heights. 😛

We then headed for lunch. On the way out, the guard marked an ‘M‘ (presumably for makan/eat) so we had one more free entry on our unlimited ride pass.

McDonalds there was packed, and there were no ATMs in the place, so we had to walk to Low Yat Plaza for that. We headed to McDonalds in Sungei Wang, and the 3 young ones had to leave. They were tired from walking from Berjaya Times Square to Sungei Wang!

Ayman: “Kids these days get tired just walking a bit.”

Ironic how it should be the old geezers (Jerry, Ayman and I) who should get tired. Bintang Walk was never really for kids anyway… the walking and purchasing power is different from your average family shopping mall. 🙂

Dide made her grand entrance at the Bintang Walk/Lot 10 corner McDonalds. Nope, not to be confused with the Sungei Wang one. (She told us to meet her there.) Shaz also met us there. After that I followed her and her boyfriend to Bentley, while Shaz, Ayman and Jerry went back to Berjaya Times Square.

Bentley was crowded, presumably because two local axemen were showcasing Fenders. My butterscotch Ibanez-to-be was out of stock! Grrr. Not like I had the money just yet anyway.

We then met up with Shaz, Nabila, Johnson and Michelle for dinner. Secret Recipe was at a desolate corner in the planned-to-be 80% full Berjaya Times Square! After that, Nabila, Shaz, Johnson and I went to Starbucks. Again, there wasn’t much crowd to see around there. Maybe it was the wrong time.

Heck, Bintang Walk was surprisingly less crowded than usual, although it was a Saturday and it was holiday season.

As I am writing this, I am having a happy relapse of the day’s rides. I feel dizzy. I feel like I’m in the DNA Mixer again, rolling backwards! WHEEE!!!

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    That’s a guitar shop. I thought the paragraph would fill you in a bit. Fender doesn’t sell axes to chop wood. Fender sells axes made of wood. 😛

    I like subjects! Haha you’re not the only one who wants to go again. 😉

  2. nicole Post author

    That DNA Mixer game was fun, but the post effect was bad. Well, perhaps just for me. My tummy went up and down too. And got me tummy upset 🙁 it was so bad, that after the day at theme park, I couldnt sleep that night 😀


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