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Once again I shall write about the bandwidth-stealing killer application, Friendster. Major office-productivity-decreaser. I’d know, most of my friendster friends there were, at first, in the same room, breathing the same cold air.

One of its major hits is the Testimonials function. Yes, so you can suck up to your boss. (I haven’t written a testimonial for him, eep!) You can write something for your buddy’s profile, and he/she can’t edit it but can choose to approve it.

It’s also fun to read other peoples’ testimonials… until they start getting impersonal. Like:

“Oh she’s so nice, she’s so caring and such a great person… look forward to meeting her.”

Call me a conservative grape but I don’t think testimonials should be written so soon. At least you could omit the part about never meeting them in real life before. I dunno, I guess those testimonials seem cheap to me. I pity people whose testimonials consist only of that.

Yes, that’s right, people on my Friendster list! Don’t ever admit that we’re just chatting online late till our eyebags touch our toes. We’re good buddies, we’re cute and have admirers (though we are obviously donut-laden), we listen to each other, etc… don’t ever reveal that I (or perhaps we) have no real-life friends!

What would make an interesting Bulletin Board post? A survey which requires real effort to count. Like how you know these people on your Friendster list. At the moment I have 112 friends. :O

Met from work (43/112 or 35%)
Met online, then in real life (32/112 or 29%)
Met anywhere else (19/112 or 17%)
Met from school (8/112 or 7%)
Met online, but never in real life (6/112 or 5%)
He/she added me so I wouldn’t know (4/112 or 4%)

Pardon my math if the percentages add up to 97%. I rounded them up and down. 😛

If in doubt just what category to put your friends in, call them! Oh, what if you don’t have their number? Then choose whichever one makes you look more balanced.

I won’t be posting this in the Bulletin Board just yet since mine itself is already flooded with personality quizzes. I wonder how long it’ll take to circulate, though. 🙂 You read it here first!

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  1. nicole Post author

    I don’t find the Bulletin Board of much help. Basically, I get a lot of Re:(subject) from the bulletin boards. These people replied it to me, instead of the fussy copy-and-paste method to post it up. Talking about user friendly. I don’t quite find the Bulletin Board fun.

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