Bit Of July

Here are some shots from July, starting with Eric Li, Fly and John Thomas at Nerofico. Eric Li is on the keys. This was back on the 6th of July, 2012.

Didn’t catch her name.

Also featuring a horn section.

John Thomas, cropped from far away, on the Sony Alpha NEX-5 and Opteka 85mm F1.4 through a Sony LA-EA1 adapter.

I then adjourned to hipster central, Publika, with Jolin Kwok…

…and half-Korean half-Chinese Kimberley. I also brought my 11x11x11 Rubik’s Cube and lost the center red sticker. Coincidentally, her dress was full of red squares! We did not manage to find the fallen sticker.

14th July 2012. I went to MBPJ’s office and on the way out, I saw this.

Didn’t stay around though, because I was headed elsewhere at night…

…to The Venue! Here, Reza Salleh was performing.

Zalila the smirking percussionist, and Melina the badass bassist, back him up. They did a cover of Beatles – All My Loving in the macho way that only Reza could do.

This was the first time I had been to The Venue, and what a positive impression it gave! Having acquired No Black Tie’s excellent sound engineer, and installed plenty of pretty lights, it would be the venue for plenty of gigs to come.

18th July 2012 was an open mike at Frontera, Jaya One. Didn’t catch this guy’s name.

This night was a bit different, however, because I brought only my Sony Alpha 900 and Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM. That means awkwardly close pictures like this one.

Here’s Jack and Kimberley.

They did a cover of Nouvelle Vogue – Just Can’t Get Enough (it itself being a cover of Depeche Mode’s).

Jack on harp. I remember it was Intan’s farewell that they met and thus a new band was formed!

Tim and Kim.

Tim, of Tim and Kim. I didn’t take this picture, I think.

Kim, of Tim and Kim. I didn’t take this picture. She asserts her Asian identity.

Jack transforms my War For Cybertron Shockwave.

We were sitting with Peter and Markiza Brown, and they commented that these toys were war machines!

Backlit Kim.

This was from a later meetup at that vegetarian place in Lebuh Ampang that encourages you to stuff your face up in vegetarian food. It also gives me that accomplished feeling when I clear up a batch of pictures. I still have two gigs from July 2012 that I have yet to post, and one of them actually happened within this time of events, but I’ll do that one after this since that was a big gig.

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