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It’s been a while. Freedom for a short while! I handed in my Director project on Friday, meeting the ever elusive lecturer. I then walked to Imbi. Yay! My 19″ Princeton monitor was done with repairs! Sadly, I would not be free to pick it up in the next two weekends, so it would stay at the shop as a display model. Bentley also had all these new axes (well, rather, old axes that were not on display before.) I can imagine licking and shredding it already.

The next day, I went to Aznin‘s open house. (Yes, I finally mentioned your name. Yay.) I went in a crammed Kancil, with 3 people at the back. (4 people are very much doable, but short and skinny people ought to be in the middle, while long-legged people sit on the side!) We spun a few rounds, looking for house 28. The corner house was 24, while the next was 22… I checked my phone reminder for the address, and the memorable genius Fazri got it wrong. It was 24!

We sat, we ate, we stoned. The sleepy people gelled into the sofas.

Fazri’s Kancil-riding gang went off to Ezone at Low Yat Plaza first. It wasn’t until Fear Factor was on that we sat up – Playboy Playmates were the contestants! With all the advertisements, Syefri and I decided not to wait till the underwater challenge and keep them waiting.

Upon reaching Bintang Walk, we called Fazri. He wasn’t there! The jams stopped them from going. Ah well. We went to Bentley and then Combo Mix, but he had to leave. Ezone would not be as fun without anybody to watch me reap players in anything but Counter-Strike.

Sunday would be even more interesting. I walked out at noon, waiting for a bus. I figured I’d be late for Syefri’s open house at Shah Alam so I took a cab to the Kepong KTM Komuter station. The cabbie, an old Chinese man, was telling me how he beat an Indian can collector who went from there to Jinjang. He had RM10 in his hands but he refused to pay the RM4.50 fare because he said it was all he had left. I could just “um” and “uhuh”, knowing I had no small change, careful not to provoke him. 🙁

At KL Sentral, the wait was less than 15 minutes, and the trains I took were on time! Too much on time, indeed, that I arrived at the Shah Alam station an hour early.

We sat, we ate, we stoned. The sleepy people gelled into the sofas.

We then went to Wangsa Maju for Ed‘s open house. Met Choo Ki and Shaz there, among other local celebrities. Why am I mentioning them? Just so I have something to link to. 😛 Yes, some of these links can get really interesting…

We sat, we ate, we stoned. The sleepy people gelled into the sofas.

Oh yes, Iris the iristated phish is also linked from About Me!

How about today? A whole load to read since I hadn’t been in the office. A depressing load, even. Move I will!

This has to be the most uninteresting talk-about-your-weekend post ever. 🙁

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