Holograms Are Projected Images

I was at a major music store, looking through the discounted section, to see a CD I had never seen before – The White Stripes‘ self-titled album! It was at RM9.90, so I bought it there and then, considering the usual price is RM35 to RM45 for a single audio CD, and a RM29 controlled price next year.

It had an original holographic sticker, but the guy at the counter said it was a CD-R reprint. He opened it up to show me that it was indeed a masquerade. To heck with it, I got it anyway because I loved headbanging to them. (Besides, their latest album, Elephant, looks very pirated-looking…)

Similiar rare, original albums can be found around the older part of town. At least they’re albums which just aren’t found anymore and not pirates of new albums. (I have never purchased a pirated Audio CD before this.)

Oh, and I’ve added the psychedelic-layout-owning Doey to my links section in my About Me! page.

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