Publika Jazz Fest 2012

15th September 2012: Publika’s first anniversary was celebrated with the Publika Jazz Festival! As usual there would be an emcee asking questions and giving out prizes. This was the second evening; I didn’t go for the first evening.

Oh waitaminute it’s Davina Goh!

Questions so difficult, only kids dare answer!

I got there in time for Liyana Fizi. I remember her (or her music, or both) once described by others in a confectionery fashion as one of those that are really soft inside and melty and dreamy, almost wispy inside.

Izaad Amir, talented guitarist/songwriter. RIP.

Pito lays laid back bass.

Surprise, a violinist!

The front area of the stage, unlike that of the good ol’ Sunrise Jazz Fest over at Plaza Mont Kiara, wasn’t blocked from photographers.

All shots near and far from the Sony Alpha 77 and Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA.

Cute keyboardist for the next band!

Koujee Beatbox.

Duel with Dennis Lau, on a very cool violin!

A Flying V-styled violin with 24 frets! This is the Wood Violins Viper 6 fretted violin.

I didn’t catch her name.

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