Sticky Fingers And An Open Mic

16th September 2012: Sticky Fingers presents Open Mic Sundays with Ray Cheong!

This is Jes Ibrahim.

Ruben Kelvin.

Hugo Yap, who loves his Fender Jaguar. I can see why!

Eddie Murphy is the sound guy.

Gregory Ramanado, extremely funky as the first featured act.

Hameer Zawawi, prince of melancholic dark music.

Cal who I think runs the place, gets Ray Cheong, the organizer, to back her on some songs.

She can sing! Also, her necklace reminds me of the Lego mural formerly in Johor…

Blu, I think.

Wawa Dzulkifli, one of the featured acts.

Bazli Zulkifli.

Ezya Bahra.

Christina How.

Backing vocalist.

Another band member.

Cassandra Wong. First time seeing her perform, after seeing her around all this time.


Finally, Ray Cheong himself, also a featured act!

With dim light, the only thing I could do was use the Sony Alpha 77 at ISO3200 with the Opteka 85mm F1.4.

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