Studying Networking

A long-lost friend of mine called me up.

She: Would you like to make money?
Me: Er… yeah, but that sounds kinda dodgy and shifty.
She: Oh nothing, just if you wanna make some extra income. You free tomorrow?
Me: I guess so.

I walked about Low Yat Plaza first hunting for cheap RAM but didn’t find it. As I walked to the appointed 7:45pm at San Francisco Coffee at Citibank, Ampang Park, where we were supposed to meet, she called up. “I’m stuck in a traffic jam, so can you meet my associate who’s waiting there?”

Associate: Do you want to make money?
Me: Well I want money, but if you put it that way, it sounds so pyramid-schemeish. I want to work! Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right.

She brought me two doors away to Wisma MCA, where there was this group of formal, professional-dressed people with the average age of 40. I even saw DJ Fuzz of the Teh Tarik Crew there!

She then asked if I brought RM6. “What? Well my friend didn’t say anything about that…” She took out her own vouchers and it let us in.

And so the speech began. There are many ways of making money etc. It came to a predictable point when they said of this thing called Network Marketing. “Do not confuse this with Direct Selling”, they said.

A few slides later, the suspect reared its infamous head. Amway. (Yessir they have a legal license to do Direct Selling in Malaysia. 😛 )

They demonstrated their alarm system, with amusing blunders. 🙂

Then came the amusing self-bashing testimonials. “I once got into it when I was young, did it for one year, and swore never to touch it again. Much later my wife got interested and now I am successful and not working for anybody!”

My friend finally came. It ended at 9:30pm. I greeted DJ Fuzz and asked him what he was doing there. “What do you think?” I saw the badge! Well then. He wasn’t a first-timer.

I then ran off to catch the bus. I wasn’t into their product range anyway. At the Ampang Park PUTRA LRT there was already some confusion as some lady was saying the train would stop at only KLCC and go directly to Kelana Jaya after that. Call me busybody but I like controlled chaos.

I got off at KLCC and walked back to Bintang Walk. I ate McDonalds there and took the bus home. That ends my day folks.

0 thoughts on “Studying Networking

  1. Doey Post author

    fascinating. I didn’t know Amway still do presentations like that. They’re so established already.

    and your income is based solely on your sales volume. No sales, habis lah.

    Next time u better ask clearly whats it about ne. lol!

  2. Ashrufzz Post author

    Haha..basically it’s all about selling..the big idea is to sell the system..the process however is selling merchandize..To conclude..Emotion most of time causes us to buy. It’s a world of sales out there, so be prepared mentally and emotionally..cheers..


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