Disjointed Paragraphs

I went to the Xgames and bought myself a Pantera – Reinventing Hell: The Best Of Pantera CD for RM10. Yes, an original CD, from Warner Music’s booth. Syefri and I put RM10 each on Dream Theater – Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. Neat!

Syefri and I rode to Alda‘s birthday party. Ah! Joy was to be found in regular seats that do not paralyse the thighs.

Being alone can be good or bad… sure you won’t have anybody to listen to you, but you don’t need to listen to anybody!

I then bunked at his place and played his housemate’s electric guitar. Maxed compressor and gain on a British classic amp setting rocks!

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you when you have an uncomfortable amount of money in your wallet.

Disjointed unrelated paragraphs help to add to the flashbacked dramaticness associated with thriller movies. I blame the Gollum-lookalike for this style. It makes any “I brushed my teeth” entry look good!

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